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Tree roots taking over yard!

Not sure what kind of tree it is, but the roots have taken over the grass on half of my yard. The yard slopes off pretty steep toward the driveway. I have had a landscaper told me that nothing will grow there but that could have been because he didnt want to do it. Is there anyway that I could maybe put a good layer of topsoil over this and then seed it? Or maybe plant some shade loving ground cover. There is a lot more roots than the picture shows. Thanks for any helpful info.

C. Lyle

Re: Tree roots taking over yard!

We have had good luck with vinca (sp?) growing in a shaded spot under a tree where grass had failed.

Re: Tree roots taking over yard!

Usually you can add about an inch of soil over tree roots. That doesn't do much, but maybe vinca as mentioned would grow.
Part of the problem is competition for water with whatever you put there. Selective pruning & thinning of the tree should let a little more light & maybe rain in. It will be a constant battle as the roots will grow back to the surface.

Re: Tree roots taking over yard!

Topsoil (more than 1 inch) and especially sod can alter the water intake of the tree drastically. Can you look into grass that will be more tolerant of those tough conditions? The other idea would be to establish a boundary around the worst part of the roots, and just mulch it. Done tastefully, it could actually look quite nice.

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