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Tree Removal

I have recently discovered that I have a Maple Tree that is going to have to be removed. I have no idea what this entails and feel like if I just start making calls, I have no language to even talk about it. Does anyone know a reputable source in the Boston area? Is cutting the tree down, about height and girth, or other factors, as well? Any help would be awesome.

Re: Tree Removal

Proximity to structures and adjoining property are large factors. Another factor is access. Can they get the proper equipment in or is it all going to have to be done by hand. Make sure whomever you hire has the proper liability insurance. Even experienced arborists can drop a tree on a house.

Re: Tree Removal

Other things to consider; for at times I wish I had when I had trees taken down a few years ago.
Do you have neighbors that need firewood? Would they be willing to share in the cost? Or how much is the cost for them to haul it away?
If they are going to grind up the branches, can you get the shavings from that? This is what my neighbor did to make a garden path to their shed.
How much to grind the stump? Versus the time and effort for you to rent a grinder from a rental center.
Something, I wish I did. Will the tree removal company take a section of the tree out, to create a slab for a table top? I have always been curious about history and growth rings of trees. I thought it would make for an interesting table top. Oh well didn't do it but I still have more trees to drop over the next few years.

A. Spruce
Re: Tree Removal
bean_counter67 wrote:

Other things to consider; for at times I wish I had when I had trees taken down a few years ago.

Good points. Everyone has different needs and requirements, so thinking any project through is a good idea.

Tree removal costs will vary depending on the size of the tree, it's proximity to structures, fences, utilities, and other obstructions, access, and stump grinding. Those are the big items. Little things like keeping the firewood, wood chips, disposing of the branches yourself are not likely to make much of a difference in the overall cost because tree cutters generally sell the wood that they're removing from your property, and they usually have places to dispose of the chips at low to no cost.

Where you can save yourself some money is if you only have them drop the tree to the ground, then you deal with it from there, assuming that you have the ability to turn a tree into firewood. As Jack suggested, make sure that they are properly licensed and insured and get a copy of the insurance from whomever you hire.

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