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Transition From Wallpaper to Paint

We recently purchased a house with wallpaper in the bathroom. I LOVE the wallpaper (and I never thought I would say that about wallpaper), but it's been steamed too much above the shower and it's peeling. We don't want to reattach it for fear that it will be a losing battle. Instead, we're thinking about painting the space above the shower. That leaves us two problems - the two sections of adjoining wallpaper. The shower is a bit recessed at one point so we're dealing with a corner where wallpaper meets paint and a straight wall where wallpaper meets paint. I already ran the idea of using corner tiles and matching regular tiles to cover the seams by my boyfriend and he vetoed it. Any ideas how to transition wallpaper to paint?


A. Spruce
Re: Transition From Wallpaper to Paint

Use a decorative trim at 32" to 36" as a chair rail, leaving the wallpaper below as "wainscot" and paint above. Easy DIY project that is inexpensive and fun.

Re: Transition From Wallpaper to Paint

Unfortunately, that won't work. The lower half-ish of the wall (slightly higher than half) is tiled and we plan to leave that. It's the upper half of the wall that's wallpaper and I want to leave that everywhere in the room except above the shower where it really needs to be anything but wallpaper. :confused:

A. Spruce
Re: Transition From Wallpaper to Paint

Can you post a picture?

Re: Transition From Wallpaper to Paint

Use a 1" or so wide strip of a different but complementary wallpaper as a transition border. Best if it has the look of a border. Do your painting before adding the border, so the paint runs under the border -- then you don't have to mask or cut in.

You'll get a more professional result if you cut the existing paper to an absolutely straight line and butt the border up to it, rather than overlapping. On the corner, you would want the border on the same face of the corner as the wallpaper. The paint should wrap around the corner and under the border.

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