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Tips for Cleaning Storm Windows

Our 1890s house has all the original windows - still functional! We would love to enjoy them - but they are FILTHY. How do I clean them since they all have self storing screens and storm windows?



Re: Tips for Cleaning Storm Windows

A self-storing storm and screen system on an 1890's window? I don't think I have ever seen such a thing. I assume they are painted or varnished wood? Are they on the interior or exterior?

Re: Tips for Cleaning Storm Windows

Sorry - the storm windows aren't original! The windows are original, then we have the yucky storms installed over them..... the storms are the triple ones with two panes of glass and a screen and you just slide the parts around to get either full glass or screen on the bottom, glass on top. Make sense? I am just wondering if there is some trick to cleaning in between - the outside of the house windows and the inside of the storm windows - or if we have to take all the storms down to wash.....

Re: Tips for Cleaning Storm Windows

I remember having that type of storm window many years ago. As I recall they were removable from the inside with a little effort and gymnastics.
The only way to do it well is to take out the storm windows.

Re: Tips for Cleaning Storm Windows

As a painter, I have seen literally hundreds of metal storm windows. Virtually all of them can be removed, however, after years of wear and corrosion, often it is not an easy task. Even if you get them out, you are still faced with cleaning the outside of the primary windows. This is best done from the outside with a ladder.

There are also systems on the market that will convert your original sash to be removalble.

Re: Tips for Cleaning Storm Windows

Few fully movable storms are not removable. Some do have a fixed top section which can be removed only from the outside. First raise all the sections to the top. Now lower the innermost one almost all the way down, slide the latches inward as far as they will go, and pull inward carefully- it should release away from the frame. Now you pull it inside as you lower it till you can twist one side out at it's top, then the other side. Continue the process till all are removed, Reinstall in reverse. Watch that you're putting the top pins in the correct track on reinstalling- if you encounter binding it's either the wrong section or the wrong track. A long handled window squeegee will let you reach the outer panes of the windows from inside the house rather easily and the storms are a cinch once removed.


Re: Tips for Cleaning Storm Windows

I clean my second floor windows yearly. The storm/screen sections are removable. I take out the lower sash by pulling the stop molding on one side, then the sash flops around on the ropes and I can clean the outside. The hard part is bending and flexing myself to reach the outside of the upper sash; I lower it so I can stand above it and work leaning over; this is where having the upper sash free-moving comes in handy.

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