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James W. Thacker
Strip latex paint

I have a wood grained fiberglass door that was painted with latex paint and I can't seem to find a good way to remove the paint so that I can stain the door like should have been done in the first place. :eek::eek::eek: Help.

Re: Strip latex paint

Not sure about regular stripper being safe for fiberglass. I would be careful...One product I really like is made by 3M called Safe Strip. It's a milky white goop and is completely safe - you don't even need gloves. Problem is that it takes 12 hours to work sometimes. If you use it, cover the product with saran wrap and let it sit for half a day (or more, depending). A stiff nylon brush will help get into the crevices and grain.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Strip latex paint

it sort of depends on what was done to the door before it was painted like if the original gel coat was chemically etched, removed or if it was manually (like with sand paper) etched first and if and with what it was primed with before it was painted.

there are chemical strippers made for fiberglass that are designed not to damage the gel coat on the fiberglass if it wasn't already messed up. the thing is you can't let the stripper sit to long and you have to wash it off and neturalize it right away.

i think peelaway still might make one called marine safe-strip. we used safely on the boat.

ps. the 3-M white furniture stripping scrub pads are gentle use the softest one and work good when you're cleaning the door up from the stripper the green and blue ones might stain the door. if someone used pvc cleaner on the door before they painted it it messes up the gel coat and you could end up with a mess, test whatever method you want to use in a small area where it wont be noticed. if it really was laytex paint and the gel coat wasn't damaged or abraded and the paint doesn't have adhesion to the door, you might try just washing the door with some regular (no bleach or bleach alternative and not anti-bacterial) dish detergent and a cup of laundry ammonia in a gallon of warm water or something called krud kutter and warm water and using the white 3-M scrub pad and a scrub brush, try it on a cool day before the sun hits the door: the paint might just scrub off once you break through the outside of the paint layer if it wasn't primed first. if it was primed with something like rustoleum's sandable spray primer that sticks to anything or krylon plastic paintprimer it probably wont strip off easily without stripping any residue of the gel coat and might damage the fiberglass if you use chemical strippers even made for fiberglass.

alternative is to use fine wet dry sand paper and sanding scrubbers or sponges and remove the paint manually.

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