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Should I hydroseed in Mid-October

I have a new build which is graded and ready for seed or sod. Is it too late to hydroseed? I live in Buffalo New York, the capital of freaky weather to include this time last year we had the infamous October Storm.

Should I risk it or wait till Spring?

Re: Should I hydroseed in Mid-October

sod would be ok as long as the ground isn't frozen.
Seed might have trouble germinating. Depending on the seed it could work, but I think you're pushing it in Buffalo.

Re: Should I hydroseed in Mid-October

I'd suggest that you call a local landscaping service and ask what is the last date that they'll seed grass and guarantee the result. That should tell you what your odds are.

Here in extreme NW Illinois, that date is currently Sept 27.

Re: Should I hydroseed in Mid-October

I wuldn't hydro this late in the year. mid/late sept wound be about the cut off. You could hand seed and straw the area and be ok...may want to use a straw chopper to minimize the straw blowing around,and it will save you time, use less straw, and work better. I am not sureabout using sod this late because if the roots dont have time to become established before our nice cool winter hits you will have wasted a lot of money and time with sod. if you have your heart set on sod then I wound seed with annual rye for now then in the spring do the sod. When and if you do the sod dont be afraid to water water water...when I was landscaping we allways used the term "till it floats" when watering.

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