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Sash weight access panels???

Just disassembled one of 5 old double-hung windows in order to replace sash cords. However, I am unable to locate sash weight access panels? Is it possible they are just hidden beneath layers of paint or could it be these windows may not even have panels? I am tempted to create my own access holes through front of weight chanels (in wall), but only as last resort. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated.


A. Spruce
Re: Sash weight access panels???

Some windows have accesses for counter weights, some don't. You can create your own and then cover with a piece of sheet metal with small brads or flush screws to hold the cover plate in place. You might be able to find actual cover plates from a restoration specialty supplier.

If you pull the window trim off on the inside, you'll have access to the weights, just use care not to damage the trim or wall. You'll likely never have to access the weights again in your lifetime/ownership of the home, so the installation of access points may not be necessary.

jenn h
Re: Sash weight access panels???

Don't know if you found your access panels yet, but I've opened a couple in our house. They were fairly hidden under paint! Of course they were at the bottom of the window, on both sides, and probably 1.5 inches wide & 12 - 18 inches tall. I've got some out right now and could snap some pictures if you like.

Re: Sash weight access panels???

Raise the bottom sash and run a magnet down the channel that the window rides in. You should be able to feel the pull on the magnet when you go over the retaining screw even if it's painted over. Try both sides in case one screw is missing on on one side. If you don't find a screw chances are you don't have ab access panel.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Sash weight access panels???

Our access panels are near the top of the side jambs have to move both sashes to the sill to access them.

Best is to strip the jamb. There is always a panel somewhere. Ours didn't have screws to be detected with metal detector, they were puttied in with window glaze putty or maybe it was painters putty and covered with lots of old paint layers, found the nails in the jamb easier than the pockets until we stripped the paint to bare wood and scraped out the putty.

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