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Restaining wood banister... screwed up, looking for some advice.

Hi! Over the past year, I've gotten more and mroe daring, and I've been staining wood, and re-staining wood to rejuvinate parts of my house. In some cases it's bare wood, and it comes out really well. In other cases I'm simply adding new stain to old stain and it works well.

Well... I tried staining some wood that I had previously used "Pledge" on. It looked great, however... the stain never dries. I assume that Pledge has left a film on the wood, and now every time I touch the wood, some of it comes off on my hands. Sigh... what's the best way to take care of this? Can I use some sort of alcohol to clean it and get the pledge off, and then maybe try again?



Re: Restaining wood banister... screwed up, looking for some...


There should not be anything on the wood before staining. Everything should have been sanded. It could be that you have used the wrong type of stain, or a very poor quality stain. Possibly very old oil based stain that has separated. I would never use anything from a big box store. All of their products are low quality and old.

The only thing that you can do is sand it all off and start over. Make sure that you do not apply stain on a rainy or humid day. Follow all the instructions on the can. Use only clean tools and the highest quality products


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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