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Replaced GFI but still won't work

IN the kitchen we have a four banger outlet, 2 double GFI's side by side. The one on the right stopped working a bit ago so I went to replace it today. It turns out it is the slave GFI and is connected in line after the main one and correctly at that. Changed them out wire for wire. The new one has a little green light on the bottom but still no power and the GFI switch won't reset. First one still works fine. Any thoughts?

A. Spruce
Re: Replaced GFI but still won't work

It is my understanding that you do not want to have two GFIs on the same circuit exactly for this reason. You don't need it anyway, the first GFI will protect all the other outlets, as long as the following outlets are on the "load" side of the GFI.

Re: Replaced GFI but still won't work

spruce is right.. having a gfi breaker with a gfi outlet is just a headache.. you should check it at the panel to see if the breaker has tripped. then go from there

Re: Replaced GFI but still won't work

GFI's are particularly sensitive and will fault when set up the way you have it set up. You only need one GFI with the rest as 'slaves' on the load side not the line side.

Re: Replaced GFI but still won't work

If you do not want to change the receptacle to a "regular" one, just change the feed from the first receptacle to the bottom where the incoming power goes in. the receptacles are designed to provide unprotected power if you backstab through in the load end of the receptacle, you can then use that to feed to other one.*

*Electricians and inspectors hate backstabbing, I do not recommend what I said, it's just what you can do if you do not want to buy another rectangular receptacle.

Re: Replaced GFI but still won't work

Thanks for all the advice. I'll buy a dumb outlet and do it right. Didn't know two GFI's ganged was a problem but then again, I'm not a licensed electrician. Sadly the guys who did the kitchen makeover before we bought the place probably were. Thanks.

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