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Repainting faux wood finish on metal entry door

I have a metal front door on my home that has a grain finish embedded in the door. It's painted with a faux wood finish and has a sealer on it thats partially chipping away and the door needs to be re-done. I'm not able to find anything to take the sealant off (assuming it's a poly of some sort) so I can redo the door. Light sanding doesn't seem to do the trick. Any suggestions?

Re: Repainting faux wood finish on metal entry door


I am not a big fan of faux finish on high traffic areas such as doors. Eventually, the finish wears off, especially around the door knobs and locks, or deteriorates due to weather elements. Once the faux grain is damaged, it is very hard to touch up, even for a talented pro.

Long term, I would chemically strip the door and simply re-paint it with a house trim paint. A chemical stripper will attack the finish, however, there are many types of stippers and it is some what hit or miss as to which one will be most effective. I allays kept several brands in my shop so that I could find the best for the particular finish I was trying to strip.

The embossed texture makes stripping a little more difficult. To get the old finish out of the texture, try using an old short,stiff scrub brush to remove the gunk. When all the finish is gone, rinse it down with whatever solvent is recommended by the manufacturer of the stripper.

Finally, prime with a suitable metal primer and finish coat. I lean toward an oil based primer and a finish coat of acrylic latex trim paint.. An acrylic paint is much more fade resistant than an oil paint. Also, an acrylic paint forms a much more elastic finish. A metal door, especially one that is subjected to sunshine, experiences great heat variations and expansion.

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