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Patti K.
removing knotty pine wainscotting

I would like to remove the 1949 knotty pine wainscoting in my dining room. Previously I painted over it, but I would really like to remove it as it has this very 3 dimensional look. When I removed the molding/trim it appears the wood was not placed over the drywall, but rather the drywall ended and the wood was partially embedded into to the wall. Is there any hope for this project? My husband doesn't think so.

A. Spruce
Re: removing knotty pine wainscotting

Can you post pictures of the wainscoting and drywall, particularly where they meet?

It is unlikely that there is nothing behind the wainscot, it would be extremely drafty otherwise. Without seeing the issue, it will be hard to say just how much work it will be to remove the wainscot and repair the wall. It's possible that you'd need to strip the wall from floor to ceiling and replace the drywall and everything. You may (probably ) be able to just remove the wainscot and fill in the drywall.

Re: removing knotty pine wainscotting


First, I am surprised that a 1949 house has drywall in it. I am also surprised that it does not go all the way to the floor. In any event, the studs undoubtedly go continuously from the ceiling to the floor. There must be horizontal wood blocking into which the knotty pine could be nailed. If the pine is pulled off you should see studs at the same level as the back of the drywall. If this is so, you should be able to splice in horizontal sheets of the appropriate thickness drywall. You can then tape and mud to the existing drywall.

You might have to adjust the door casings and trim to the new slightly lesser wall thickness.

Homeowners are not born knowing how to do these things. You learn by doing. Go for it! Your husband just wants a justification to avoid the project and watch football! :)

Re: removing knotty pine wainscotting
ordjen wrote:


Your husband just wants a justification to avoid the project and watch football! :)

Well Duh....Why would she want her hubby to miss the best football game ever to be played tomorrow :confused:....This game will be bigger than the Super Bowl........

Chicago Bears VS Greenbay Packers

Sunday 2:00 PM EST

Go Bears

Re: removing knotty pine wainscotting

if there wasnt any drywall underneath the panelling theres a high chance the pine would have started to turn black at the edges do to any draft blowing through. and yes to posting a pic its the only way of having a better idea of whats going on

as for chicago, puh, GO PACKERS!!!! a super bowl with chicago would be un-bear-able

A. Spruce
Re: removing knotty pine wainscotting

There's only two football games that I watch ... The bud bowl and the lingerie bowl ... :p:D

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