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Refinishing hardwood floors

Hi, first time here so I am not too sure how this all works...My husband and I are currently refinishing our floors in our old house...they have never been refinished before...but the original owners layed one inch maple over the sub floor...we removed the maple to reveal fir floors...but now they are stained from the paper resin they put under the maple...does anyone have any ideas on how to remove the stains without ruining the original floors

Re: Refinishing hardwood floors

if the old wood is stained theres only two things that can be done.. first being sand them until you get down to unstained wood or replace teh flooring

Re: Refinishing hardwood floors

jkirk- I don't think you can include pix until you've had 10 posts. I'm curious how these stains look. I'm wondering if you can salvage what you have and will explain:

On a previous renov I discovered oak flooring on top of pine. I wanted to keep in all, but didn't have enough for the floor space I was trying to cover in either wood. Ultimately, I used it all in an alternating random pattern and held my breathe a little until they were refinished. The result was better than I had imagined and impressive to everyone who saw them.

Ex. No. 2, a house condemned after a fire. Many thought the wood floors were a total loss but after they were sanded and refinished they had evidence of stains (noticed mainly by me), but they turned out great as well.

I'm sharing this bcz w/ each home, the wood floors were what visitors raved about the most. In your case, if the stains are consistent throughout the space, you might be amazingly surprised at how they'd look if you sanded and refinished them. If you were trying to do this in a newer home, I wouldn't consider it, but in an older home, this could work and any signs of staining may add character and charm in a subtle, tasteful way.

Good luck. Would love to see pictures if you get to the point were you can post them.

Blood, Sweat, and Pig's Ears

Re: Refinishing hardwood floors

BloodSweatandPigsEars -- I agree it all depends on what look you are willing to accept and depends on what and how bad the stains are.
Also, depends on the spieces of wood.
A certain amount of imperfections and stains can add character and petina to refinished floors unless you want a pristine contempory look.

Like jkirk posted --- sanding the floor until you reach an acceptable look or replacing the floor are really the options.

Re: Refinishing hardwood floors

regarding the picture thing ... i actually have well over 5000 posts here though it doesnt say it and i cant post photos plus im one of the moderators here..... the administrators messed something up with the forums so it wont recognize any format of picture.. you have to link to another site which the photos are posted through

as for the the orginal topic... the floors have to be resurfaced. some will argue and say to use dustless refinishing, this is a terrible process all it does is buff the top layer of finish it does not remove any damage or discoloration to the floor itself.. ive had several clients that have gone this route and none were happy with the end result

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