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Re-asphalt driveway: what can go wrong

Kind of an off-the-wall question... I'm taking a risk management class, where we're supposed to use a hypothetical re-asphalt project to discuss risk management. I know nothing about asphalting so am looking for someone who does. My pretend driveway is 2100 square feet.

So - what are all the horrible things that could go wrong in such a project :)?

Re: Re-asphalt driveway: what can go wrong

You chose an interesting subject.

If you search this topic on your computer, you can find all the info you need to highlight the good points and not so good points of asphalt paving.

Good luck to you.

A. Spruce
Re: Re-asphalt driveway: what can go wrong

Best way to manage the risk is to sell the house and let someone else top the driveway. :D

I agree with dj, a little research on the subject should give you quite a few ideas. I will toss you a bone, however.

The parking brake on the oiling truck fails and the truck rolls into a fire hydrant, snapping it off at the ground and gouging a long tear into the side of the tank. The contents spill onto the street and into the gutter and storm drain system. The storm drain, of course, leads directly into the local river and wildlife preserve, coating the protected and endangered Snow Goose and killing half the flock. As if that weren't enough, the owner of the asphalt company is neither licensed nor insured, making you, the owner of the property, responsible.

Did I mention that the fully laden dump truck fell through the driveway, crushing the sewer line and rupturing the gas main, or that the tow truck sent to pull out the dump truck backed into the transmission junction and blacked out the neighborhood? The neighbor isn't too happy that the excess equipment was parked on his lawn and is suing you for destroying his prized, award winning roses.

Re: Re-asphalt driveway: what can go wrong

I worked for an asphalt contractor part time years ago and the biggest thing that can go wrong is poor prep work. Most asphalt contractors will remove the old asphalt, put down a new subsurface(stone), grade it, roll it and then put down new asphalt. The reason that is done is asphalt is a flexible surface and as time goes on it will depress in certain spots. The new asphalt if laid directly over the old asphalt will assume the old asphalt's shape. The prep work has to be perfect for the asphalt to be perfect.

Re: Re-asphalt driveway: what can go wrong

Are you tearing out the old asphalt or just adding an overlay? New underlayment? If yes, any time excavation is involved, you have to worry about striking underground utilities.

Asphalt has less risk than concrete. You can still get a poor quality mix.

You have to properly prep the surface so it will adhere properly.

You should get it sloped properly and relatively flat or water will pool in low spots.

Re: Re-asphalt driveway: what can go wrong

There are many things that could go wrong, but I don't want to do your homework for you. :p

Re: Re-asphalt driveway: what can go wrong

This is a funny thread, especially the fire hydrant

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