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Pet Odor in Subfloor

We are in the process of purchasing a house that appeared to have been used as a dog kennel. There is a significant pet odor. The carpeting and padding have been removed. What are the options for dealing with odor in the subfloor? Should it be replaced? Can it be sealed? Even with severe stains and odor? Can another layer of subfloor cover it up and seal in the odor? This is a nice little ranch. We would like to clean it up an make it our own. Any advice you can give would be helpful.

Re: Pet Odor in Subfloor

is the subfloor concrete or wood? They can be sealed to stop odor.

A. Spruce
Re: Pet Odor in Subfloor

It would depend on just how bad the odor is. If it's a concrete slab, then you don't really have a choice and will have to seal it with a pigmented shellac.If you've got a wood sub floor, then depending on the severity of the odor, replacement may be necessary, though sealing with shellac will likely deal with all but the most stubborn odors. Regardless of the subfloor type, sealing the walls and ceiling would be recommended.

Before sealing, I would also recommend treating the floor with Urine Off or Nature's Miracle. Both are enzymatic products that are designed to remove odor by breaking down the components that cause the odor.

Re: Pet Odor in Subfloor

I recently got some Nature's Miracle, and it didn't work all that well. It just had a lot of perfume smell. I was told by my friend (who does a lot of cat rescue) that the company changed the formula (or was sold or something). Anyway, she recommended Anti-Icky Poo http://tinyurl.com/kta5bw and this stuff works great! (Like the old Nature's Miracle.)

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