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Painting steel barn siding

So I have recently converted a carport into a barn and have used standard steel siding with a factory painted finish on it. My friend had a bunch of siding left over from a project he was working on and gave it to me to use so now I have a mix match of white and red metal siding on my barn and I am wanting to paint it to make it all "barn red". I plan on using a sprayer to paint the metal but here are my questions:
1) The metal is pretty new and still has a shiny new surface to it. Do I need to do anything other than power wash it to make sure the paint sticks to the surface?
2) Is acrylic paint the best way to go when covering a steel siding?
3) If I use acrylic paint do I need to do anything to the paint to make sure it comes out of the sprayer and does not clog up the sprayer? I have always brushed or rolled paint never used a sprayer before.

Thank you for your help!!!

Re: Painting steel barn siding

Lightly sand the surface before painting so the new paint will bond. Alternately you can use a liquid deglosser but I feel sanding is better. Just get most of the 'shiny' gone and get into grooves and low spots equally well. Remember, if this coating ever fails anything on top of it will fail along with it so now is the time to give it your best. The coating on the metal now is likely an oil-based baked on enamel- it's manufacturer should state what it is. They may have a specific recommendation for painting over it so do a bit of research before buying the paint. For this I would prefer to use an oil-based alkyd enamel but an acrylic might work OK. What I'd worry about is that in the summer this metal is going to get hotter than wood or hardie planking does, and also expand more too. That may cause acrylic latex paint some problems but the alkyd enamel can definitely handle it. If you do go with a water-based paint, use one recommended for high-temp conditions. A good paint store (not a big-box store) will have knowledgeable staff to help you here. Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore are my favorites with very good products you can trust even if they do cost a little more than some others.


Re: Painting steel barn siding

I went to sherwin williams and bought DTM pro industrial Acrylic paint. I just got done power washing it so once it dries I will start to work on sanding.. Have you ever used this kind of paint? I never have but the guys at the store said this was the best to use so I am hoping it works. I didn't even think about the metal getting hot so I hope this stuff holds up because it was very expensive.

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