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Painting Oil based trim and latex based walls


I'm looking for some advice on how to go about painting oil based trim when the wall are latex.

In the past we would sloppily paint the trim, tape the trim and then paint the walls. Upon removing the tape we would have a perfect line between the trim and wall. We are worried that if we do the same thing with the combination it the oil and latex that the wall paint will peel off from the sloppily painted trim.

Thanks for any advice.

Re: Painting Oil based trim and latex based walls


Just don't "slop" way up on the wall. Simply not having to cut in an exact edge saves a lot of time.

Also, as soon as you are sure that the walls have covered and a second coat will not be neccessary, pull the tape before it dries and forms a film. If you let it dry completely, it is very likely that little "dog ears" will pull up when the tape is pulled.

Where I knew that two coats would be neccessary, I would tape the baseboard, but cut in real close to the tape on the first coat, but not touch it. The second time around, I would pull the tape immediately after painting the wall.

Re: Painting Oil based trim and latex based walls

Paint the trim with KILZ or similar primer specifically formulated for oil to latex, and then use latex on both.

Re: Painting Oil based trim and latex based walls


If you are going to use oil on your trim, you do not neccessarily have to prime the woodwork at all. If it is generally in good shape, just clean it with TSP, give it a scuff sanding to assure adhesion and procede with your oil enamel. Spot prime any bare wood and knicks after preping.

If you are going to convert to latex, prep as above, but then prime with an oil enamel undercoater.

In recent years, water based acrylic paints have appeared which will bond directly to oil paint and varnish. Again, prep as above. Behr's Ultra and Insul-X are two brands of such products. This is heresy to an old painter such as I who was raised on oil paint, However, I have test these products and they do work!

Re: Painting Oil based trim and latex based walls

Do the trim last! Or clean up your brushwork.

Re: Painting Oil based trim and latex based walls

Even if doing your cutting in "free hand", it is a hec of a lot easier to cut the wall in to the trim than the trim to the wall! Case in point is the narrow edge on the door and window casings. It is very hard to get a good cut in line on a half inch surface.

Also, as the poster stated, the baseboards come out razor sharp when taped. This is especially noticeable when strong wall colors are used. The time spent taping baseboards is well worth it. Not only does it give sharp lines, you don't have left over roller splatter all over the baseboards which would show through the finish woodwork coat.

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