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Painting joist bays before insulating

Ok..this may be a silly question. After demo and stripping the walls of the old plaster. The Demolition as you can imagine makes an incredible mess of things. After this is done (or close to it) I'll be having my daughter and wife moving in and the latter is very concerned about lead dust and asbestos from the builiding materials and old HVAC that was removed. I'm not so concerned but I do understand that the smell of tons of plaster debris will be hanging around for a very long time and it's virtually impossible to get the dust off and out of everywhere.

Would spraying the bare walls with a thick layer of latex remove some of that dusty odor and help seal any lead dust..possibly lowering future exposure. Like I said..I'm brain dead anyway for attempting this job but my girls are pretty important to me...

Re: Painting joist bays before insulating
bobphoto wrote:

. my girls are pretty important to me...

If thats the case then why take a chance. Have the house tested for Lead.:rolleyes:

Re: Painting joist bays before insulating

Latex, no. Shellac, yes. Seals, kills odors, and dries almost instantly. No VOC's. A "heavy coat of latex" is going to be offgassing for weeks, and cannot seal waterbased staining, which will just float to the top of the paint, more so with a heavy wet coat.

Re: Painting joist bays before insulating

If I used Shellac would that create a vapor barrier on the outside wall and create issues with insulation? Or should I just spray, scrub and clean the heck out of the place.

As far as testing for lead....just an added expense. The house is 1880 vintage and has been used for single family and dual family rentals for the last 70 years. There was lead paint..no paint left now but there is dust.

Re: Painting joist bays before insulating

There would be no benefit to it if you properly insulate the walls. The vapor barrier will keep the dust out of the rooms.

You might spray the stud bays with a sodium borate solution like Timbor or Boracare to treat and prevent any mold or rot or insect/borer damage from occurring.

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