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paint on tile fireplace hearth

Does anyone know how to get paint off my vintage fireplace hearth? It has probably been there a long time, and I don't have any idea what knid of paint it is. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: paint on tile fireplace hearth

really think the best look would be a grey solid painted tile with heat resistant paint and then highlight it with other similar colors. Shade around each piece of ceramic a deeper color. The best thing to do is purchase 1 piece of ceramic that you like and try to duplicate it. You can even send it to me and I can tell you which colors to use and how to accomplish it. Your most important step will be preparing the surface with a good cleaning, light sanding and priming.

My other suggestion is to make a false front (if you are handy) that could be removed when you need to replace your fireplace. It can be made of wood so you can paint like marble or you can actually have marble placed on it. But if you have to hire someone to build it for you, it may be more economical to tear it out and rebuild.

hope you will like this little information about designing in tile fireplace hearth...

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Re: paint on tile fireplace hearth

Thanks for your reply, but the problem is some old paint splashed on my vintage ceramic tile fireplace hearth. It really isn't that obvious, but it would look better if it wasn't there.

Re: paint on tile fireplace hearth

Just get some paste paint type stripper. Follow directions with care. If you're not used to hardware stores just boldly walk in and say "HERE I AM!" " Here's what I need!

Dang! Just dipped my elbow in my Sheppard’s Pie while typing……. I hate that!...... Really good though.

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