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paint cracking and peeling off old wallpaper

I want to repaint my bathroom but the previous owner painted over wallpaper and now the paint is cracking and peeling off. I have tried to scrape the cracking paint off but it is a pain and needs to be sanded down. Anyone have suggestions on how to get this problem solved so I can paint this ugly room.:confused:

Re: paint cracking and peeling off old wallpaper


I suspect that the previous owner probably just painted over the old paper without a primer. Just about all papers come with a plastic coating and presents adhesion problems for paint.
Unfortunately, I know of no silver bullet.I would try to get the old paper off. To do this you have to scratch through the failing paint and into the underlying paper. I like to use 36 grit sandpaper to this end. I dislike the "Paper Tiger" gadgets which tend to score too deeply and damage the underlyting drywall paper. Sand vigorously until you see the pulp of the wallpaper. You do not have to get all the way to the wall. Now, you need LOTS of water and patience. It will probably take 15 or 20 minutes for the water to work its way down to the paste which holds the paper on the wall.Don't get too far ahead of yourself as you may not be able to keep up with the scraping and cleaning of the walls and they will start drying down again before you can get to them.

When you get all the paper and paste off, I would spackle the damaged areas and then primer them. Paint them with a high quality acrylic paint. Traditionally, semi-gloss is used in baths as higher sheens protect better against moisture and mildew damage.

Re: paint cracking and peeling off old wallpaper

I agree with the previous poster. There is no EASY way to do this----as with anything painting you gotta prep! You could also try scraping with a hand scraping tool to get the old cracking paint off, this will depend on the thickness. Your main goal shoud be to get that old wallpaper off the walls so that you can actually paint.

I have had fantastic results on wallpaper removal when using DIF wallpaper stripping. It works well you just have to let it sit for 10-15 minutes soaking in.

After you get it removed prime the walls with a high quality primer and then paint the walls and usual with a high quality interior semi-gloss paint. 2 coats.

Good Luck.

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