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Outlets not working

We noticed recently two outlets not working. We don't use them much so not sure how long they've been out. One is on a wall, the other on back of kitchen cabinet. We flipped breakers and didn't help. Hubby says these outlets are on same breaker as our microwave -which has and continues to work fine (that's weird!?). So not sure what else to check/do - before we have to call electrician. House is 17 yrs old. We had an addition added about a year ago - off the room where these outlets are an issue - not sure and doubt related (but thought would mention it). checked one outlet in that new room near these other's location and it works fine. Any ideas? :eek: please help! thanks! :D

Re: Outlets not working

Are there any outlets that are GFCI nearby ? If so then it may be the GFCI has tripped and the 2 that aren't working are tied into the GFCI.
Otherwise, it could be a poor connection either where the supply to the outlets or at the junction of the first outlet that doesn't work.

A. Spruce
Re: Outlets not working

If these outlets are on the same circuit as the microwave, and the microwave is before the dead outlets, a connection within the microwave outlet box could be loose or broken. Turn off the breaker to this circuit before working on it.

Re: Outlets not working

Thanks! I hit the reset button on a GFCI outlet near the stove. then tried the 'broken' outlets again. didn't work. I tried the GFCI outlet and it works. Did it again...same result. Was wondering...after doing this, would help to reflip the breaker? I know sometimes when I have problems with my computer/modem - its sensitive - have to do things in rigth order/sequence and perhaps wait 2 min vs 30 seconds...ya know? Wondering if this test requires same sort of funkiness? :confused: Lemme know what you think please! Otherwise. guess it's call the electrician time!? dern....:( but appreciate the advice:)

Re: Outlets not working

Do you have more than one GFCI outlet in the kitchen. If so the one you tried resetting might not be the one that controls those outlets. If you have other GFCI's check them before moving on to the next step. Waiting a certain amount of time in electrical outlets to reset will have no effect like in electronics such as computers and the like. If what has been suggested does not work and you are not comfortable working on the problem your best bet would be to call an electrician.


Re: Outlets not working

Generally, those types of problems are the result of bad or loose connections. The circuit will need to be troubleshoot and the problem found. Of course, you want to check all your GFI's and breakers first.

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