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Outlets controlled by switch?

Hello everyone, Just found this board while searching for some answers. It looks like a great board and lots of knowledge and I could not find the exact problem I have so I thought I would take the time to make it my first post.

I am in the middle of remodeling an older home and the living room outlets are controlled by the switch that slo controls the overhead ceiling fan. Is there any simple solution to bypass the switch so it only controls the fan and the outles stay hot all the time?

Thanks and look forward to doing a lot of research around here.

Re: Outlets controlled by switch?

You mean more than one outlet is also controlled by this switch ?:eek:

We'll need some information.

Can you see how many black wires are associated to the switch?

For example there are two screws on the side of the switch for the wires to be secured to. Is there one on the bottom and two on the top ?

With a voltage tester or volt meter check which wires are live ( hot ) all the time and which ones are only hot when the switch is on.

Be careful.:)

A. Spruce
Re: Outlets controlled by switch?

It is unusual that both a light and an outlet or multiple outlets would be controlled by the same switch. Generally, instead of overhead lighting an outlet (one outlet) is switched, and it's easy to bypass the switch to make the outlet hot all the time.

What you will need to do is isolate the wire going to the overhead light and those going to outlets. Leave the outlets wired together with the "hot" lead in the box, then pigtail the hot to the switch which will feed the overhead light. This is, of course, assuming that power comes to the switch and then out to all the fixtures. It may be possible that power comes to the switch, then to an outlet, and from that outlet to the overhead light and the rest of the outlets. If this is the case, you'll have some fun trying to reroute the overhead lighting wire to the switch, then isolating the outlets.

As Canuk says, be careful, get yourself a voltage meter to find the hot wire(s), and describe more fully what you have in the box where the switch is located.

Re: Outlets controlled by switch?

A couple of things to check-
1. How many wires are in the switch box.
2.Howmany wires are in the overhead light box.
3.When you turn off the switch are both plugins on the outlets dead or is one still alive.

Re: Outlets controlled by switch?

Just moved in to a 19-year old house. There is a wall switch on the backsplash that controls (1) undercounter fluorescent lights, (2) the power to the exhaust hood and (3) a receptacle above the cabinets that has some fluorescent uplighting plugged into it.

I would like the switch to control only the under-counter fluorescents and have power all the time to the exhaust hood and the receptacle above the cabinets. This is a double-gang box with the other side having a receptacle (always on).

How do I connect the two circuits that I want so that they are always live in a safe manner?


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