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Outdoor outlet

I have an outlet where the conduit goes down through a cement patio and curves into the crawlspace. There it connects to a junction box. The junction box has power but the outlet does not. Is it possible for the wire in the conduit to be broken? thanks

Re: Outdoor outlet

Try putting a New gfci in. some times outlets go bad. make shor you turn off the power first . you cold tye a string on the wires and pull them out of the pipe.them back with the string.

Re: Outdoor outlet

I was afraid of that. I don't want to crawl under there again to pull a string and then new wire. I did replace the outlet and I tested everything with a meter. It might be a wirenut problem in the junction box but everything else that comes out of that box works. Now, if I can just find someone to crawl under the house . . .

Re: Outdoor outlet

When a GFI outlet dies it's telling you that there is a short in the circuit. If you have power at the box but the outlet won't work, look at the wire. If your crawlspace is low and nasty you can pay a neighborhood kid to help you. 20 bucks to a teenager is good money. 75 bucks to an electrician could be a pain in the wallet.
Have the kid hook the new wire to the old wire and push while you pull. If it gets stuck have him pull back and shoot some liquid dish detergent into the pipe and try again.
Good luck and post the results.

Re: Outdoor outlet

If the outlet does not have power I would first buy a low cost voltage tester. Turn the power off and remove the outlet and make sure the wires are clear of the box. Remove the outlet. Re-energize the circuit then touch the hot power wire (red, black, or blue color if wired correctly). If no power found try touching the neutral wire (typically white) there should be no power at this wire. If there is power replace the outlet with a GFI outlet.
If no power exists on either wire turn power off again then check connections back at your J box under the house. What I mean is remove the wire nuts and re twist the wires replace the old wire nuts with new ones. Then turn the power back on and re test wires again. If still not working turn power off and pull new wires in. Don’t use dish soap to pull them in as it has lanolin which will damage the insulation on the wires over time. Make the new connections and install a GFI outlet. You should be good to go Good luck

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