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oil stain for exterior fence

We live in Northeast CO and put up a wood fence using virginia white oil stain from Ace Hardware thinking that this would be a better choice than using paint. Every two years we have to add another coat of the oil stain because of fading and having black come through the boards. This is a very expensive project to do every two years and also takes way to much time. We do apply with a paint sprayer. Is there anything else we could use that would last longer? The oil stain cost approx. $23.00a gallon, we end up with $300 every two years to keep the fence looking nice.

Re: oil stain for exterior fence

Did you first try sprying a mixture of bleach on the fence before re-staining it? I believe the black you are seeing is mold. It is more obvious because you chose white rather than a darker color. I like a product called "Jomax" which is available at Home Depot. Jomax is mixed with bleach to form a solution which can merely be sprayed on with a garden pump sprayer. If the black immediately disappears, it was indeed mold. This should be done before re-staining the fence. Five gallons of the solution will cost about $12. I live in the NorthWest and spray my stained cedar fences yearly to get rid of the winters mold accumulation.

Re: oil stain for exterior fence

I agree that it could be just mold. I would also try spraying bleach or another substance before investing on another $300 worth the stain!

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Re: oil stain for exterior fence

we had similar complaints about the fence we had installed at our old house and got advice on the old board that worked for us.

what kind of wood did you use for your fencing? what kind of treated wood did you use for posts and rails? is the black starting only where you had put nails or screws and streaking down? might be you used wrong fasteners for your fencing or the kind of treated wood. we had to take apart our fence and replace every fastener with stainless steel fasteners on the posts and rails and used coated deckmate screws for the cedar fence slats to stop the black streaks caused by the galvanized reacting with the newer kind of copper pressure treated wood and the cedar sap. on the other board we were also told to be sure to use the special screw driving bits when we installed the tan deckmate screws to the slats. that cured the problem for us.

also we didn't use oil stain again when we refinished the fixed fence we used a combination stain with a mildew inhibitor because we were told on the other board that mildew or algae was more likely to grow on oil stains. we had to clean the fencing first with a brush and a powder then rinse it with a power nozel. someone had recommended using aluminum paint to prime the knots but we didn't we followed the directions for cedar which was to spot stain the knots and old streaks that didn't wash off or bleach out and two full coats with some weeks in between the coats. we also back brushed the fence each section after we sprayed it due to advice on the old board. it worked no more streaks and still looked good three years later when we listed and sold the house.

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