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No ground used on 3-way switches???

Hi TOH community! I've been renovating this house I'm living in over the past year, and that includes replacing all the outlets and switches. I know some basic do's and don'ts of electrical, but I'm not an electrician. So swapping gang components isn't rocket science.

While going through the switches, I noticed that EVERYWHERE in the house that has a 3-way switch, the GROUND cable is not connected. Now, I realize that neutral essentially can be used for ground, but is this code, or is there a reason for it? In every case, the ground wire is in the box, but it's pushed into the back. All the normal 2-way switches though (and outlets, etc...) all have the ground wire properly connected to the green ground screw on the receptical and switch. But it's ONLY 3-way switches I see this.

I've gone ahead and connected the ground switch to all of them as I've replaced them. Can you guys tell me... is this just a purposeful oversight, laziness by the original builders, or is it supposed to be like this?



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