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New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

Looking for some insight and clarity into making a decision between new construction versus replacement windows for my house. The original 1960's windows are shot to the point of no return. There is alot of threads and articles on the Pro's and Con's on which way to go. The one aspect that has not been discussed is more on the resale value on the home.

Is there a premium put on a house where the windows were replaced with new construction versus replacement?

My wife and I live outside of Boston and want to make the right decision for the equity in our home.

Thanks for your insight.

Re: New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

Given that your house was built in the 60s I dont think its going to matter much.
What is a bigger consideration is what I am struggling with in a 1910 Queen Anne which is the dimensional differences between the original windows and the protruding new construction fin type windows.
I think in a 60s house your windows are likely to be something in between an old casement and a modern modular unit and there might be complications in fitting a sash replacement kit or pocket window into the old opening.

I have had a terrible time with the lumber yard types in getting them to explain what the differences are. I dont think they really know and I have one disaster already to prove it.

The kit replacement windows are cheap and easy to install but get some good advice on how practical it is with YOUR windows begore making a big custom window purchase you cant return!

Re: New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

Bstar, just to give you a flavor. I had a couple of inquiries out to real estate professionals as to what would the impact be putting in replacements versus new construction windows for my house. The general answer was that new construction would not deliver a premium into the resale of my house. Granted, I don't plan to sell any time soon. It was a consideration in some of the remodeling I plan on doing.

I know you are in a different realm given the relatice age of your home. I just wanted to pass this bit of information along to others as food for thought.

Re: New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

I know when we looked at windows we generally just noted if the house had 'new' windows or 'old' windows. The differences in the 'new' windows didn't really register. Although we weren't the most informed buyers at the time, I would assume that most folks would treat it the same way.

I've put a bunch of new construction windows into my late 1960's house, and I'm quite happy with them. The only difficulty is getting the siding off and back on without damaging it. Other than that I feel the new construction windows give you more viewing area, and a higher efficiency.

Re: New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

Thanks for the FYI! But I too have no intention of selling and in fact haven't even moved in yet. This is our country retirement "estate". :o

Im glad to hear that it makes no difference because it certainly did make a huge cost difference. A contractor wanted close to $2000 per "opening" to put in new construction and really derided the replacement kits.

I am not a bad do-it-yourselfer and probably could have put new construction windows in but the kits were so much cheaper to begin with at less than $250.00 each and the labor was nothing to speak of. We spend more time matching the stain and varnishing than installing.

The bottom seal is a little less than perfect since they use the original sill but I think a little added weather stripping will cure that. The "pocket window" kit might be a little better for that reason but you loose more window space.

With the really old jambs installation was easy but I have seen some 50s - 60s homes where the removal of the old channels might be a problem since they are aluminum already. Thats why I suggested checking into the details more.

Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with the sash replacement kits in my particular situation! The fixed and cottage windows however, are a source of continued consternation.

Re: New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

One thing to take in consideration, when you install replacement windows you still have the original window box still in place. If the windows are bad it's quite possible the boxes are also. Just a consideration.

Re: New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

I'm not sure a new buyer would know the difference either. We are having replacement windows put into ours. We had a window installer come to our house, to evaluate our current windows, to see if this was an option. Because the old framing is sound, we can do the replacements vs. a new construction window. It is saving us a lot of money! Plus, we get to keep our original trim work.

Good luck with your decision! I have found that most people are not very knowledgable about window systems. It's a bit frustrating to find out the answers!

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