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Need help to fix drywall problem

It's my last room to paint on the first floor. But it's covered by wall paper. So I used the solution and tools to remove wall papers. Because my floor is hardwood, so I didn't
sprayed much solution. When I removed wall papers, some brown papers of drywalls showed up too. I didn't care about this, because I thought the primer I would use can fix the problem. Then I tried Kilz2interior/exterior water based primer-sealer-stainblocker a bit. I tried this product a bit.
No, the primer can't fix the problem. The surface still looks very urgly. If the edge of the brown paper loose and I put the primer on it, it can pop out. Now the drywall has most of the original old primer off and I can see many big brown paper spots. I was thinking to use skim coat, but i don't know if this is the right way. Can anybody please give suggestion so I can fix the surface a quick as possible and I can apply water based paint later.

Re: Need help to fix drywall problem


Whenever you expose the brown paper of drywall, you will first want to seal it down with a non-water soluble primer such as the Original Kilz. Water soluble primers tend to make the brown paper wrinkle up. After the primer has dried, patch it with a coat or two of dry wall topping compound. Then sand and spot prime with a normal water soluble primer. I personally always primed the whole room after having taken wallpaper off. Between the patches and possible areas of wallpaper paste which might have been missed, it is good insurance to generally prime.

If your finish color is to be a strong color, have your paint store tint the primer toward that color.

Re: Need help to fix drywall problem

why wouldnt you give it a light skim with compound first then prime?

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Re: Need help to fix drywall problem


Often the moisture in the drywall or patching compounds will cause the exposed pulpy, inner drywall paper to wrinkle up. Not all drywall papers will do this, but I have never been able to understand why some do and some don't. I just prophalactically primed the bared drywall pulp with an oil or shellac based primer to seal down the pulp. Subsequent patching would not then wrinkle up. It was a case of an "ounce of prevention". Once the paper wrinkles up, it is a lot harder dry down the wrinkles and start over.

I used this technique often when encountering mastics on drywall, such as mirror mastic. It is often easier to cut the drywall paper around the mastic, pull off the surface paper, prime the pulp paper with quick dry oil primer, then patch.

Re: Need help to fix drywall problem

Thanks all the responses. Lowes suggested me using Kilz oil based primer, other experienced guys suggested me using Zinnser Gardz drywall sealers to bare face paper. I'll try Zinnser Gardz first then use some joint compound then the regular primer or oil based primer. I'll post my feedback after I finish. Thanks again.

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