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My yard is becoming a swamp

i have a drain pipe located around a portion of my yard which runs to a catch basin on the lower tier of my property. The drainage pipe is no longer taking care of the amount of water that is running down onto my property from the neighbors, who are located above mine, as well as the run off from my own roof which has a rain gutter that pitches to the location of the drain pipe. the water is now; after 6 years of ownership; "swamping" my upper lawn to the point that i cant mow it without waders and the lower tier of lawn has a portion of standing water on it now too. HELP!:(:(

Re: My yard is becoming a swamp

Have you verified the drain is flowing at full capacity? We had a similar situation where the water began to increase over several years. We found out when we dug up the drain that chipmunks had chewed threw it and it was completely clogged with mud! Hopefully that's not your issue!
We had a swamp, and still do ocassionally due to a similar situation, and that fact that the neighbors do not maintain their drains, so their surface water is funnelled toward our lawn, which eventually kills the lawn! I'll be watching your post to see if anyone can offer advice!

Re: My yard is becoming a swamp

Lots of times (most of the time) well meaning folks use drainage pipe that has holes drilled into it - or worse - that black corregated flex pipe. What happens over time is that style of pipe collects tree / grass roots, gunk in the corregations that turns into soil, and possible homes for small animals.

Solid, hard SDR plastic pipe is tougher to work with which is one reason why people avoid it. It seems counter intuitive not to have holes in the pipe too. There is one HUGE advantage - it rarely clogs when properly installed. The SDR pipes at my home have been in place since 1999 and require zero maintenance.

Re: My yard is becoming a swamp

Dig out your old drain line. You'll see that you need a new one.

This time, install a bigger line, maybe 6" line and use a better pipe (I have installed ABS a few times for this purpose: more expensive but no complaints. Connect the pipes and fittings with ABS cement). And pay attention to your piping slope.

Re: My yard is becoming a swamp

If you haven't already solved the issue you can try using a Drain King to clean the pipe and get your capacity back. The drain king screws onto a garden hose and blasts out the line. Some stores have a Chineese copy of the drain king i have only ever used the real one it has worked for me so that is what I recomend. The tool comes in three sizes to fit various size pipes. It is made to clear sewer drains. To use it Tighten the tool on the end of the garden hose. You slide it into the pipe and slowly feed it in until it seems to hit something. Slowly turn on your water to the hose the tool has a rubber blader that expands and seals the pipe preasurising the line if it is clogged. Water blasts out the end of the tool in pulses pushing out the junk in the line clearing it. Run it for a few minutes turn off the water and push it in again to the next spot. You can pull it out or push it back in a little at time and blast each section out to get the pipe cleaner. When you blast a big clog it sometimes makes noise vibrates a bit and when you turn off the water it practicaly pulls in the hose. You can always ad another drainage pipe paralell to the one you have to increase capacity maybe dedicate it to to your downspout gutter water and allow the existing pipe to do the surface water alone. The bigest enemy of drainage pipes is silt and debris. I always put in sumps to catch any silt that gets in the pipes and clean the junk out when it builds up. They sell surface drain boxes with grates that have a low spot (below the flow line of the pipes) to catch the silt the trick is remembering to check and clean out the buildup. The best thing is if you have cleanouts or accesable vents on your houses sewer lines you can do those with the drain king when those need cleaning.It doesnt cut roots but it will clear almost anything that is built up in your lines even stuff held back by roots. I have used the Drain Kings for about 25 years it has saved me many times.

Timothy Miller
Re: My yard is becoming a swamp

Howdy great time to get a fake alligator head lawn ornament...
Not knowing anything about the sloping of the properties and you now having so many good recommendation. Consider another. Create a swail, shallow slopping ditch, to allow runoff and not a swamp. The ones i like the best are filled with bushes so the best of both- pretty drainage. Or dig a little deeper and have a pond and then make it into a water feature oh how the possibilities are endless.

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