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multiple 220 outlets wiring help

Here's the details.

I am renting an office in a warehouse. I need to installed 2 - 220 20amp outlets for my computer servers. the length of the run is 76ft. there is 4 90 degree bends in the run. All the existing electric is run above the office ceilings and is in rigid or flexible metal conduit. I have run a few 110v circuits but never any 220v.

My questions:
do I run one 220v, 40amp circuit or 2 - 220v - 20 amp circuit.
what kind of conduit ( pvc, rigid metal, flex metal)?
what size conduit?
What size wire?
solid or stranded wire?
if i run 2-220v, 20 amp circuits do i run two whites and two grounds?

my current thinking on this is to run one 220v, 40 amp circuit. the run will terminate on top of the wall above where I need the outlets. i would split the circuit there and run the two legs to the outlet boxes in the office wall.
I would use 3/4" pvc conduit and pull 4 #08 wires, red, black,white and a ground. I would use 3/4" flexible plastic conduit to run the outlet legs down the wall to the outlet boxes.

any and all answers and comments appreciated.


Re: multiple 220 outlets wiring help

If you do one run and then split into two 20 amp runs you would need to fuse or breaker the circuit at 20 amps not 40 amps unless you install a sub-panel. Make two separate runs, that way if one does trip the other will still be active. 20 amp circuits only need 12 GA wire. You will need to check with your local building dept. for what they require in commercial buildings for conduit and inspections.


Re: multiple 220 outlets wiring help

thank you for your reply it was very helpful

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