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Okay, our yard is the ONLY yard in the ENTIRE neighborhood with moles. We have been battling them since 1990. They are still winning. We have tried: spring-type mole traps, several different mole poisons, grubex to get rid of their food source, castor oil, moth balls, in ground sonic wave thingies (yes, I'm a girl), whirly gigs, and several suggested home remedies. We have even tried using all of the above at the same time. We still have moles. Short of hiring an exterminator, any suggestions?


Re: Moles

C4, dynamite, deisel and nitrogen mix! :)

There must be a food source for them that you just aren't getting rid of through the efforts you've tried. Do you have problems with Japanese beetles? If so, their larva are in your yard.

Try to identify the pests you have in sufficient numbers that would cause larva in your yard. Once identified, get in touch with your local county extension agent and see if they have any advice.

Other than that, you could pen up a pig and let it tear your yard up digging for the little buggers. That might scare them off!

Good luck. . . .Tim

Re: Moles

We've seriously thought about the combination (or variances thereof) that you first suggested!! Figured the neighbors wouldn't appreciate it though.

No japanese beetles. Only grubs and earth worms. The pig might be an option, but I'm trying to NOT have a torn up yard!

Thanks for the response and have a great day!

Re: Moles

I have had a similar problem, if only for the past 2 years. I recently discoverd a poison called "worms". I found them at local big box store (HD or Lowes). I also discovered that they WORK! Read the instructions, handle with care, and only use about 1/2 worm in each hole. 1 worm, half my flowerbeds are now clear, hmmmm Just one guy did all that mess? Any way I found these guys to work.

good luck

Re: Moles

Thanks for the reply. We've tried the worms too. We decided they used them for the snack at happy hour! These guys seem to be immune to every type of poison/remedy on the market, and a few that aren't on the market. Thanks again!

Re: Moles

I recently had a neighbor tell me to use wriglys gum.just to put in their trails and it they eat it and will kill them.This came from a pest control man.Give it a try what can it hurt.

Re: Moles

call bill murray,he's an expert man!!!!!!
good luck with your moles......

Re: Moles

What flavor of Wrigleys gum? Do you chew it up some first, or just stick in the the hole?

Re: Moles

I wish I could tell you I had a good reliable solution, but I don't. I will tell you the mole I had in my yard proved to be an excercise in frustration. I was actually talking with my father about the problem when we noticed the earth moving. I was able to take the spring trap I had bought and stab into the dirt and get the mole. I know it isn't how it was intended to be used, but in the end, $14 well spent. I guess the lesson learned is keep your eyes open, maybe you will get lucky.

Re: Moles

I use a 22 Magnum. It usually doesn't take long to figure out when they are digging. The magnum seems to work even if you don't get a direct hit, it stuns them so you can dig them out and execute them

Re: Moles

I had the same problem for years. I did all the things mentioned in the post from the gum to spring traps. The only thing I found that works is MILKY SPORES. This stuff works for years, it kills the grubs and beattles in your yard and the moles just move on. Milky spores works for about 10 years, but takes about a year or two to kill off all the grubs and beattles. Once the moles can't find there food source they just move on.


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