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Major Bump in the Kitchen Floor

My wife and I live in a split level house and would like to modernize it. Well we have a major issue that is preventing us from putting in Hardwood floors. Our kitchen floor is extremely uneven. We have a bump in the middle of the floor and it is close to 3 inches lower close to the wall where the cabinets are. We have had contractors, multiple building inspectors and about every flooring expert in the area come by to tell us what is going on and nobody has any idea. When we bought the house we got a structural engineer that said it wasn't a critical structural problem. He thought the floor was pushed up when they finished the basement and put the closet walls to tall. We were young and stupid and wanted the house so we said ok and bought it. No we are paying for that mistake and can't decide what to do. We have heard everything from major renovation to resolve the uneven floor to someone telling us they could shimmy the floor enough to lay down hardwood. One major factor is the cabinets which will probably need to be fixed once the floor gets fixed. The floor is tile right now and does not have cracks in the grout, so it doesn't appear to be moving. The basement ceiling is finished so we can't verify any of these theories without tearing the basement ceiling or tile floor apart. If we do that and it is a major issue we don't have the money for a major renovation.

So I think you get the point.....We are in desperate need for help! We will never be able to improve our house and likely won't be able to sell it down the road when we would like to move to something bigger as we start our family.

If anybody has any ideas of where we should start I would love to hear them.....

Also if anybody is looking for a challenge for fun or to tape a reality repair show or just help us for free let us know...haha :)

Thanks for your help!

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