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Laminate over linoleum

I have a 12 x 15 kitchen with linoleum glued directly to the hardwood floor. My question is can laminate flooring be installed directly over the linoleum. It's about 15yrs old in good condition except for some curling around the edges. I myself would prefer to scrape it up...install underlayment... then the laminate but due to the amount of traffic.. hounding from the wife.. and other factors I am considering installing in over the linoleum. Any thoughts or suggestions..?

Re: Laminate over linoleum

2 ways to do it. If the laminate goes down with nails or staples you can lay it right over the old linoleum. If the linoleum is in bad shape but still stuck tight in most spots, get yourself some luan flooring boards. They go down with staples, nails or screws (I prefer screws) placed on each "X" on the board. Then your underlayment and finally the Laminate. The second (or is that the third way) is to scrape the old linoleum off. I think if it's been there a long time this method will cause you a lot of grief and might be better done the other way.

Re: Laminate over linoleum

The style she was looking at was the type that snaps together (Dupont..I think) with a foam roll of underlayment. A floating floor. Adding extra underlayment (1/4" plywood or similar) may (but not sure) could cause the floor height to be a little too high. But I haven't ruled it out completely.

Re: Laminate over linoleum

One of the advantages to a floating floor is that it can be installed over pretty much any existing flooring except carpet. Cut out any curled linoleum, use a floor leveling compound to fill in the removed areas, then roll out the underlayment & install the floor.

Re: Laminate over linoleum

Just came across this thread...

I am going to put in some laminate in the kitchen and den - it's actually one big room. Hopefully the kitchen portion will go right on top of the existing linoleum so I don't have to pull up the latter. There are some high ridges in the floor (I haven't measured just how high, I'd say at least 1/8" but less than 1/4"). I presume the high ridges occur at the edge of the plywood. They occur approximately where water had leaked from the dishwasher. (The dishwasher has since been repaired.)

I figured perhaps the plywood had come loose from the joist. Looking up from the basement, there are slight, but visible, gaps between the plywood and the joist. The plywood area (less than 1 sq. foot.) approximately beneath the dishwasher appears to have warped a bit, though I do not plan to place any laminate underneath the dishwasher. I'm wondering if it's sufficient to nail (or screw) down the plywood right through the linoleum so as to level the ridges. In fact, I am inclined to to go around the entire floor and insert new nails (or screws) into the joists.

The other issue(?) is that this laminate floor will continue into the den, where I will remove the carpet. This will mean that the portion in the kitchen (on top of the linoleum) is slightly higher than that in the den. But perhaps this is within reasonable limits?


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