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Knob & tubing . rewiring?

hey guys im new to the site and im not an electrician. im concern about a new home im looking into buying .Ive notice the 2 family house has the old knob and tubing wiring . i would like to know has anyone ever run into a home with this wiring . and what should be done? theirs a lot of question i have in mind since this is the first home ill buy. should the sellers take care of the problem before a purchase?:confused:

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

whats the problem?? is there things not working?? it would definetly be nice to have a re wire done, but the current homeowner isnt responsible. if he does re do it, my guess hes gonna raise his price to cover it all plus some.. at least thats what id do.

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

Many insurance companies (my State Farm agent) won't insure a house with knob and tube. The biggest problem is when the wires are covered by insulation. Most fires happen because of this. I would definitely recommend trying to replace it. The sellers are not required to do anything, but if they're desperate, and you can't get insurance, you have a better chance of them going in on the deal as a condition of you buying the house.

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

Our house was built in 1895 with a new addition and remodel in 1971. But we still have a combination of new wiring and the knob & tube. Our insurance is American Family Ins. They don't have a problem with it. We do want to redo the rest of it. But not in a hurry! http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

Most knob and tube wiring will be in decent condition as long as it was not overfused. Where knob and tube wiring is a problem is at ceiling light fixtures. Most modern light fixtures are made for modern heat resistant Romex type wiring. Knob and tube is not rated for these fixtures but people install them anyway.

You should inspect all ceiling fixtures and fix the wiring as you will find a lot of the wires will have cracked and deteriorated and bare wires. You can use liquid Electrical tape which comes in a small metal can and regular electrical tape.

You will need to replace most or all of your lighting fixtures but it is almost impossible to find fixtures rated for knob and tubes relatively low temp rating. I use lighting fixtures with light bulbs that point down and are a foot or move away from the ceiling so the heat dissapates.

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

Hello there, we live in an early 1920s wooden home in Santa Barbara and we have knob & tube electric, with partially renovated wiring in our kitchen. However, when we purchased our home from our previous landlord, (we've paid for this house once already after 15 years of renting, but that's another story), we had a hard time finding an insurer. Believe it or not, we're insured by Lloyd's of London. I am interested in an earlier note with an insurance company I'd like to check into.
My question is, can a home improvement novice tackle replacing this, or is it truly a project for a licensed electrician?

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

As was already stated, check with your insurance company as well as local codes before you buy or you will end up footing the bill. Where I'm from if you do any remodeling you will be required to bring all the wiring up to code. If you find that is so, I would find out the cost of the wiring job and work that into the negotiations on the price of the house.

calcats ;)

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

K&T wiring is OK if undisturbed, however you will find few homes with K&T that the wiring has not been modified. Adding taps improperly, over fusing, and insulating are common items that can cause serious concerns. The wire insulation is no doubt dried out and brittle so any modification, including changing fixtures or outlets, can cause the wire insulation to break and fall off leaving bare wires.

At this stage, I would always consider rewire as the most viable option which would also allow for adding proper grounding and a service update.

Can it be don as a DIY project, yes and no, it depends on your skill level and knowledge of proper electrical procedures and code. Improperly done and your house burns down could lead to an insurance company rejecting your claim.

Re: Knob & tubing . rewiring?

i would not recomend rewiring your own house.. not unless you have a good knowledge of electricity and proper breakers, wire sizes, know the code in your area, ect.. depending on your house and the walls, you will also be cutting into drywall or plaster.. and if you dont have the propper tools, long flexible bits for one, you will only make a big job worse yet.

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