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Interior paint chalking and peeling

My old house is lath and plaster. The paint is peeling down to the plaster wall. It peels off in sheets leaving a bumpy, chalky surface. There is no water damage to cause this. Since this is pretty much throughout the old house, I'm going to have to correct this before I repaint or it will just peel off again. I think I need to scrape all the old paint off (not looking forward to that!) but then what? Do I have to skim coat before repainting or do I sand it first to get the smooth surface? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Interior paint chalking and peeling

Scrape off the old paint. Any paint that is still firmy attached(gouging the surface to get it off) should be scuff sanded and feather the edges. Lightly sand any high(bumpy) spots. Clean the surface with TSP and rinse. Repair any nicks and gouges with plaster (portland cement based product, Not a gypsum based product). Prime and paint.

Re: Interior paint chalking and peeling

I would recomend oil based Kilz as a primer it is also a stain blocker.

Re: Interior paint chalking and peeling

I had a similar experience but moisture apparently was in the walls. I scrapped the peeling paint and drywall, then applied new mud (drywall). Since your walls are plaster, you may want to use plaster fill. I agree w/ the previous response of using a Kilz like primer over the whole wall(s). You will get better coverage on your finish paint and the patch won't "bleed" through the finish.

Good luck!

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