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Ikea Cabinets

Have any of you used Ikea cabinetry in your kitchens? They're much less expensive, but I'm wondering about quality/durability/ease of installation, etc.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Re: Ikea Cabinets


Some of our high end customers have switched away from custom built carcasses and have gone to Ikea for the shells and innards. The doors can be custom made, and the exterior of the cabinets clad in custom wood / stone. There are a few advantages;

1- The insides can be changed years later after you settle in and get used to working in the kitchen. Since the parts are modular, you can change your mind.

2- The Ikea installers can whip out a perfect install before lunch.

3- The larger cabinet bases can be beefed up with hidden framing / blocking to prevent sagging, particularly under sinks, which is a pet peeve.

4- They have really cool hardware and accessories.

Re: Ikea Cabinets

i've installed alot of them and honestly i'm not a huge fan. there are some pro's to them and plenty of con's. the nicest feature they have are the adjustable feet for leveling the base cabinets, love it, love it, love it.

as for con's

long term durability, especially if you have young kids slamming the doors and such.

assembly can be a major pain. on an average kitchen it will take one of my guys about 1 full day to assemble them.

when an average kitchen's worth of cabinets are assembled there are always a few missing or broken pieces. another trip or two to the store takes up a few more hours of time.

when the finish on certain types of cabinets are scratched it shows up like someone took a cleaver to them.

i've had to repair many of them because of their cheap construction but the plus side is that replacement parts are uaually easily obtainable.

lastly, i hate installing particle board cabinetry

Re: Ikea Cabinets

The two answers above just about summed it all.

Keep in mind these facts before you go to Ikea:
- everything at Ikea is imported.
- all Ikea profits are taken out of the USA, meaning: they are not reinvested here.
- in the final analysis, Ikea prices are not that much lower, cause you have to factor delivery and assembly. Not to mention damages in the delivery and assembly.

For cabinets, buy locally built!

Re: Ikea Cabinets

The drawback is hoe long such cabinets might endure the test of time.

Re: Ikea Cabinets

Thanks for the feedback.

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