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how to kill black locust stump?

we cut down a black locust tree three years ago, and it is still sending up saplings. My husband drilled holes and poured round-up in it to try and kill it. It doesn't seem to be working. We can't dig it out as it is right next to my grandmothers house. Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of it?

A. Spruce
Re: how to kill black locust stump?

What does having the stump next to the house have to do with not being able to dig it up? Sure, it will be more work, but you can still remove it or most of it without disturbing the soil under the foundation. Even if you do go under the foundation, undermining a 2 foot section isn't going to harm the integrity of the foundation or footing, just don't dig out any more than that and you'll be fine.

A stump grinder should be able to get most of the main stump and certainly anything that is out away from the house, which would save you the work and effort of digging at all. Once ground, remove the chips from the hole and dispose of them, back fill with native soil and you're good to go.

Re: how to kill black locust stump?

I am not worried about taking the stump out. I just want to kill the root system. it is still sending up saplings after 2 years. black locus is extremely invasive, and once it gets big enough it has large thorns on it. If I don't pull them out early, i then have to spray with poison to get rid of them.

Re: how to kill black locust stump?

On the farm we use a product called Remedy which mixes with diesel fuel and spray around the base of the trunk. It works on black locust and on mesquite trees.

Re: how to kill black locust stump?

In the past, I have had to drill holes into the top of stumps and pour the chemical into the hole and cover to stop evaporation. Let absorb and retreat.

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