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hot breaker box

the breaker box is very warm to the touch. we recently have been having issues and had an outside fuse box replaced, is it normal to have the warm to the touch on the inside one too?

Re: hot breaker box

Heat or warm to the touch in the electrical industry is trouble. Typically it is a loose connection or a overloaded condition. What I mean of a overloaded condition is a incorrect breaker or fuse on a wire that is not rated for that ampacity. I suggest you call your electrical contractor back right away before you have a fire. I hope you used a Licensed Electrical contractor.

Re: hot breaker box

As with about everything:

“It depends.”

Really need to know how hot or warm it is.

With a normal panel under load, yes there will be some heat generated. Heat is a byproduct of resistance.

To really know for sure if anything is suspect in the panel you would need to remove the cover and use an ammeter on all of the branch load wiring from the breakers as well as the feeder wires and also check/tighten all of the connections.

I had an after work hours call once to go check a panel in a café. The complaint was a very warm panel. I got there and pulled the cover off of the panel. I did a double take because the wiring feeding the panel was a most beautiful cherry red and at first I thought it was the color of the wire insulation……………….. :eek: Yikes! :eek: The insulation had burned off and it was glowing cherry red from heat…………. Needless to say I shut the power off immediately and flew around town to locate a replacement panel and replacement wiring. In that case the main lugs on the aluminum wiring were loose and that had caused the problem.

Might be worth a look in your panel.

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