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Highway noise reduction

Hi all, this is my first post here!

We are considering buying a house that backs up to a highway. There is about 50 feet of "woods" (not very thick) between the fence and the grass shoulder of the highway. We can see the cars going back and forth from the yard/deck. What could we put to possibly reduce some of the noise?


A. Spruce
Re: Highway noise reduction

If the noise bothers you, remove this house from consideration. Being that close to a busy roadway will also affect the resale value of the property.

Re: Highway noise reduction

If it bothered us THAT much we wouldn't be considering it at all. Resale value is not a concern to us and the house is already priced to reflect the "undesirablity" of the situation (as are other houses in our area with the same location). We are just wondering if there are any techniques to mitigate things just a little. Actually, watching the cars and trucks go by is quite interesting and it's not a big interstate. ;)

A. Spruce
Re: Highway noise reduction

About the only thing that will help, and only slightly, would be a masonry sound wall. The masonry has enough mass to absorb the sound without transmitting it. Down side is expense and limited effectiveness. Dense trees and shrubs will also have some effect, though not much. Both will fully obscure the roadway.

Re: Highway noise reduction

The use of vegetation has some affect at reducing the sounds from the roadway.
Usually dense hedges close to the source will help dampen the whinning sound from tires on the pavement.
Unfortunately for you, the roadway is too far away for the hedge idea.

Like Sprucey mentioned a masonary wall at least 6 feet tall will also help. Or , you could haul in truck loads of dirt to create a berm which also helps.

However , you won't be able to reduce sounds from noisey vehicles too much.

Depending , you may also need to look at upgraded windows for reducing the noise at the interior of the home. Of course , if you like sleeping with the windows open during the night -- well --- I hope you don't mind traffic noise.

It really will depends on your tolerance to noises -- but personally it would get old and tiresome quickly.

Re: Highway noise reduction

The advice given here is pretty spot on . There's not much in the way of landscaping that is going to make much of an impact on the noise issue . A wall will help some , but how much , is
a good question .

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