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Help with transition from wood to tile flooring under new interior door

Hello all! First-time poster here.  We need help with the transition from the engineered wood in our living room to the tile in our nursery.  We had a french door added to the wall between the two rooms.  This is the last part of the puzzle we need to figure out. 

The problem is the almost 4-inch gap between the wood and the tile under the area where the wall used to be.  Generally I would just buy a T molding to bridge the gap but in this case, the space is too large.   We couldn't just tile into the space because we don't want to see the tile with the door closed.  There's a height difference also.  The wood is 3/4'' in height and the tile is 1/2''.    

I've talked to home depot and the local flooring shop without success.   I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you!  

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First thing, it would help if you could show a wide picture of the doorway, not the end of a tape measure. I recommend extending both to the middle of the door jam. To oversome the height difference, cut a piece of wood at the correct angle and height to allow the fake wood flooring to sit. Glue it to the concrete floor. I would use a table saw to make this cut. Any contrator can fix this issue with no problem. Whom ever hung the door should have solved this issue before the door was hung and the jam installed. Now you have more work ahead to allow the door to swing and hang correctly. You may have to remove the jam to cut it down. You may be able to use a wood chisel to accomplish what is needed. I would have determined this difference in height before the fake wood floor went down, and compensated for that difference by laying down the appropriate height plywood first. Then the two different types of floor would meet at the same height. Since the fake wood floor is snap crap, I would lift it and lay down some 1/2" plywood for the concrete floor.

Stop going to the big box stores for advice and material. They know next to nothing about everything, and the quality of material is very poor. What do you plan to do to repair the crack in the floor? That is something higher on the priority list. You will forever have issues with this threshold and the tile floor until that is properly repaired.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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