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Help Installing a New Paver Walkway

My home is 2 years old and I have completed all the other major projects, so this spring I need to tackle the walkway I contacted alot of contractors last year and only got 1 to show up for a quote, and have completed other big projects, but my walk way is very long and curved how do you install a paver type walkway that is curved?

Re: Help Installing a New Paver Walkway

Take a look at the attached picture. I think this is what you want. PaveTech has an edging material made just for a curved edge see http://www.pavetech.com/paveedge/features.htm You need to dig out about 9 in. of soil in the area you want the path. Extend the width about 6 in. on each side. The goal is to lay down about 6 in. of 3/4 in. baserock (recycled concrete) in 2 lifts. Use a vibrating plate to compact the baserock. Next use the PaveEdge material to define one edge. Then lay down 1 in. of concrete sand, this is not mason's sand. It is coarser up to 1/8" particles and sharp edges. Now you can start laying down the paver blocks. At the side where you don't have the edge strip, move the sand away and add the edge strip. Pound in tight next to the paves with a rubber mallet. When all the pavers are in place, spread concrete sand on the pavers and brush it in the cracks. Brush clean and compact with a vibrating plate with a rubber cushion. Rental places have these. Add another layer of sand brush clean and vibrate again. Your done. fell to ask any questions.

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