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Help with clover

How do I get rid of clover. It is invaiding my lawn and flower beds. Is there anything I can make to kill this.

Re: Help with clover
RealtorRose wrote:

How do I get rid of clover. It is invaiding my lawn and flower beds. Is there anything I can make to kill this.

if you go to your lawn and garden center they should have herbacides for broad leaf weeds. properly used they only affect that type of weed and your grass in your lawn will be fine. there are several different types I'm just not sure which ones are available to the general population

Re: Help with clover

A weed is simply a plant that grows where you don't want it to.

Sometimes you have to choose your battles. I have violets and something that looks like a daisy that keeps trying to invade my lawn (and succeeding to a point), and I have lawn that keeps trying to invade my flowerbed (with equal success). At one time I tried to keep the violets and ersatz daisies out of my very formal flower bed, but gave up, and now do less weeding, and have a beautiful lush country garden. Now I only pull the dandelions and grass. And the lawn looks okay so long as I mow it before the flowers in it bloom.
Relax and let nature do as she pleases, and you might come to like the way clover looks!

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Help with clover

are you sure you have clover and not wood sorrel (sheep sorrel, yellow oxalis, sourgrass)? some confuse the two until it blooms. i attached a picture below. whenever i get dirt or material for garden or lawn some of this stuff always shows up if not the first year the second spring for sure. i just pull it be sure to get the roots.

if you have white clover, well, it used to be intentionally added to lawn grass seed mixes before we got all into chemicals for broadleaf weed killing. it does fix nitrogen to the soil so its good for your lawn. if you want it gone it is a perienial so you would have to kill it but wait until fall. it spreads fast though by its own seeds if the neighbors have it too it would be a losing battle unless you like lots of chemicals. might help to keep lawn mowed close.

pic of sorrel attached.

Re: Help with clover

I went to the local feed store & asked if they had anything for clover. My yard was mostly white vs green from all the clover. Bought a gal of Mecamine D was either 30 or 40.00 but is very concentrate. Only use 2 Tablespoons per gal of water. I started out using a 5 gal hand sprayer but last weekend I bought a pull behind 30 gal sprayer That has 2 spray nozzles to cover 80". I have a big yard so need a big sprayer. This works great the clover will disappear within a week.

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