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Hanging Curtains and D****s - Holes in the Wall


For two windows in my house, the curtain/d**** rods fell out of the wall and, therefore, left holes in the wall that will no longer hold the nail/screw used to support the rod. One wall is drywall and the other is a very hard, concrete like wall.

How do I fill these holes so that I can re-hang the rod?

Do I fill them with mud, then re-drill the hold in the same spot? I'd like the rods in the same place.

Any other ideas?

Thank you!

Re: Hanging Curtains and D****s - Holes in the Wall

It really depends on the size of the holes, and there are various ways to do it.

If you want to do it yourself, go to youtube to see some demonstrations and to get some idea on the degree of difficulty.

Re: Hanging Curtains and D****s - Holes in the Wall

You definitely cannot put an anchor back in the same hole. The integrity of the drywall has been breached. You can move the anchor point several inches away from the old hole. However, if the anchor pulled once, it will probably pull again.

What kind of anchor was it, a simplu plastic plug or an expansion anchor such as a toggle or molly? Simple plastic plugs are really not strong enough to be hanging heavy objects such as d****s from them. Further, d****ry rods tend to have a "leveraging" efect, as they extend out several inches from the wall and pull outward on the anchor, not merely downward.

A. Spruce
Re: Hanging Curtains and D****s - Holes in the Wall

If there is framing behind the drywall, then patch the holes and install rod support screws long enough to penetrate the framing by 1". If there is no framing behind the drywall, then cut out a small, square hole about 4" square, or larger if needed for patching purposes. Install a length of 1x2 behind the drywall that spans the patch hole plus at least 2" on either side of the hole, for a 4" hole, that would be an 8" stick. Secure the stick in place with drywall screws, cut your patch and install that with drywall screws. Tape and finish the repair, paint, and you're done. When you rehang the mounting bracket, use longer screws that penetrate 1" into the 1x2.

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