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Guitar Hanger- any stress on the wall?

I would like to hang an electric bass guitar on my wall, but I am not sure if the wall hangers would cause too much stress to the wall. Does anyone have a hanger for their wall? I am thinking of getting this one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/String-Swing-Electric-Guitar-Wall-Hanger-450721-i1142095.gc

It looks good, and sturdy, but I just am not sure if it will cause too much stress to the wall. I think the wall is made of plaster.

Re: Guitar Hanger- any stress on the wall?

What about the stress part? I would really like to mount it just to the wall...

Re: Guitar Hanger- any stress on the wall?

I don't have that style of guitar hanger, but stress is minimal with most guitars & bass guitars, though weights can vary by several pounds depending on body size, thickness, species of wood, or type of artificial material used to make the instrument. There are even some solid graphite instruments that weigh in at up to 50lbs each :eek: Large glass framed photos & artwork (24x36 & larger) can weigh more than a guitar/bass, & are quite often hung with drywall anchors.

If you have an old house with wooden interior walls instead of drywall, you're good to go. If you have drywall, you can mount the guitar hanger without studs if you have 5/8" or thicker drywall & use high quality dry-wall anchors, i.e. metal not the plastic ones that probably came with the bracket... But your best bet is to mount the bracket directly to a wall stud. The hanging stress is not an issue, it's the puting the guitar up & taking it down that can be an issue. If this is a daily player & you have drywall, mount the hanger to a stud, if it's a display piece, either or... unless you happen to have one of the Misfits Graphite basses...

Re: Guitar Hanger- any stress on the wall?

Try to hit at least one stud with a screw. They are every 16" usually. Use toggle or moly bolts for the rest of the fasteners if you can't hit studs. Not too much stress if you can secure through the drywall to a stud.
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