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Ground in old fuse box

Hi everyone. My garage has an old fuse box in it and it only had one outlet. I have added a few by my work bench and ran the wiring to the box. I have just bought the house and the previous guy did alot of half hearted fixes around the place so I don't trust his work. I know in breaker boxes there is a place for all three wires but this box only has the live and nuetral connected and ground is just floating around. What is the proper way to connect my new outlets? And also, if I want to add 220v for a welder in the future, is this box already set up for it? Or do I have to run new wire from the house?

Re: Ground in old fuse box


I would suggest that you change that old box, and use one that will accept breakers, and not fuses. If you do not, you will never be able to have smooth electrical power. The power will constantly fluctuate, and until you add a ground bar and a properly sized ground rod, you will always get a little shock now and again. As for the 220 volt, there is 240 volts there now. But there may not be enough amperage to to operate a welder. What size breaker is this box powered? That's the important question. A welder will not operate without a proper ground.

It really comes down to the fact of how much your equipment and building mean to you. If you don't really care, then keep using what you have. But don't be surpirsed when something burns and your insurance company will not pay you.

I recommend a Square-D QO style. They make the best and the safest.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Ground in old fuse box

Thank you Andy. I will replace the box eventually but I have alot of other, more pressing expenses. This box has served this garage well for way longer than I have been alive and I'm not one to create an unsafe condition like using too big of fuse. The box has 60 amp service from the house and 60 amp main fuses. 

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