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Mystic Jay
Exposed Tree Roots What do I do?

In my front yard I have a huge maple tree with exposed roots. I want to cover the roots somhow without killing the tree. Any ideas? I will post some pics a bit later.

Thanks Jay

Re: Exposed Tree Roots What do I do?

Unfortunately covering the roots really isn't a good thing to do for the maple.

Here's a bit of info. ------ http://forestry.about.com/od/treeandforestcare/a/yard_tree_roots.htm

Mystic Jay
Re: Exposed Tree Roots What do I do?

Here are the pics of the tree. It has really done a number on my trimmer and the mower. Thanks for the link.


Re: Exposed Tree Roots What do I do?

You have a Silver Maple. They are notorious for exposed root systems. The answer is yes you can cover the roots with soil to bring the grade up to avoid hitting them with your lawn mower. You can not hurt this variety of tree. I have several of them in my yard. The amout of dirt that you will be using to avoid damage to your equipment will not hurt the tree. If you were covering these roots with several feet of dirt the tree could die but remember that the feeder roots are at the drip line of the tree not near the trunk where the exposed roots are. People loved planting this variety of tree because it was fast growing and provided shade in a short time. The roots will eventually show themselves again and you will have to repeat the process.

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