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Escape Window for Basement?

I have lots of basement casement windows, and I would like to replace a couple with escape windows, a specific item I have read about. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a supplier. Can anyone suggest one?

The window openings are 32" wide by 19" high, and the actual windows are 30" wide by 19" high.

My goal here is not to remodel the house or add egress windows; my goal is to quickly and cheaply add a prayer of escape in case of calamity. The window opening is plenty big enough for anyone in my family to get out, we just need to add a window that can be easily and completely removed to allow maximum clearance to the existing opening.


Re: Escape Window for Basement?

I think structural calculations need to be performed prior to the installation of escape window. You can contact your local home improvement contractor. You can also Google them and compare the bids offered by different contractor.

Re: Escape Window for Basement?

Escape windows usually refer to a wide sliding window which opens wide enough for someone to easily get out of (and not above a certain height above the floor). I might suggest you get a large, if possible, single casement window if this is your main concern, if you feel that getting out of the existing windows is an issue for you. Hope that helps.

Re: Escape Window for Basement?

I dont think the style of window has anything to do with egress. It use to be you needed 5/SQ FT. I think in most states it changed to 5.7 SQ'.

Re: Escape Window for Basement?

New Old Home;

Gizmo is correct; the MINIMUM size for "escape windows" is now 5. 7 square ft; which comes out to approx 3' x 2' or 2 1/2' x 2 1/2'; most times this involves cutting sub-grade into the basement wall, which involves exterior drainage issues; any talk about an "escape window" opens up all kinds of issues connected with household members who would use such a device for egress in an emergency (fire emergency, etc.); would the people escaping be able to open the window immediately to make an escape; would part of the window exterior be sub-grade, requiring soil drainage and excavation down to a certain level; would the escape window extend down close enough to the basement floor so that all family members, especially young children, could be able to access the escape route; would there be a bedroom (or bedroom-type room) in the basement, etc., etc.----the local town ordinances consider any basement room in an inhabited basement as a "bedroom", causing numerous requirements to kick in---this isn't punitive, it's designed to provide for the safety and survival of family members in the event of an emergency, and basement fires are very common occurrence in residential housing; the 5.7 s.f. window size is also mandated by fire safety codes to allow responding firefighters to be able to get thru the escape window from the outside to rescue house occupants who are often overcome by smoke inhalation, are unconscious & need to be rescued by a firefighter wearing an oxygen mask (very common occurrence).

That's why you're probably having trouble finding something that would fit into a casement-size window opening, which IMHO is way to small for family members to access during a fire emergency; and that's why there are numerous building codes in every U.S. town concerning egress or escape from basement areas.

The site below has many of the issues involved with local ordinances governing the design of escape/egress windows, and often the considerable dollar cost involved in having one put in, or even doing one on a DIY basis.

I would say if family members are spending a lot of time in a basement den or using the basement as a living quarters, or semi-living quarters, bite the bullet and realize that you need a proper egress window that complies with local code.


Re: Escape Window for Basement?

Extract some information from AAA Construction Company. I recommend to browse through so that you can grab some Professionals tips on windows might be helpful to you in finalizing your basement window.

Re: Escape Window for Basement?

Escape window will also allows you to have direct sunlight entering your basement and emergency escape also. Sliding windows are the best option. You can take help of any home center to plan your window size.

Re: Escape Window for Basement?

my dear friend there must be an escape window in the basement as in case of any emergency it might prove to be helpful. you should better try out searching the net for this purpose to find the suitable and cheap supplier.

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