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Double ledger anchored to brick wall

Hello all,

I am building a 12 x 16' (one car) garage rooftop deck and will be anchoring ledger boards into the brick pa****t wall on the east and west sides to ideally hang 12' 2x10 joists, working with pressure treated pine. I already have the 12' stock and am trying my best to use it!

Problem: The width within the pa****t walls is 12' 8". Can I anchor a double ledger on the east side (stacked 2x8s) and maybe even a triple ledger on the west side, bolt them all into the brick wall with 6-10" lag anchors to create the 12' width needed to hang the joists? The brick is in excellent condition, but I'm concerned about boards twisting and if the brick walls can support it.
I'm trying to avoid contact with the roof membrane all together.

Thank you!

Re: Double ledger anchored to brick wall

A carport has to be permitted, inspected and signed off by the building dept. before you can park under it.

You need to bolt the header into the studs, assuming that the wall behind the bricks is framed. The bricks will not be able to support the carport roof. Get the details at your local bldg dept.

Send a photo if you can.

Re: Double ledger anchored to brick wall

apologies for the confusion: the garage already exists! brick, flat roof (new roof too), I'm just building a rooftop deck, ledgers going into the pa****t walls. i'd like the ledgers to be more of a beam, 4x8 and 6x8. what do you think?
Will take some photos... Thanks!

Re: Double ledger anchored to brick wall

Were it me I'd want no more than one ledger to mitigate the 'twisting' and downward 'pulling' load that extra ledgers would leverage with. Find another use for your excess 12' lumber and get 14's so that you can use a single ledger- I know that's not the answer you want to hear but it's the right answer. If your extra lumber is like new the lumber yard might take it in trade for the longer ones you need, or you can use it for the decking if you've got enough of it.

Being frugal and not wasting things is wise. Being cheap and trying to make things work anyway almost always comes back to haunt you, then you've spent more on the fix than you would have to have done it right from the start. And as dj1 said, you need to bolt into framing or structural brick. Sheer walls and veneers are not going to hold the load you'll be putting on them with a deck.


Re: Double ledger anchored to brick wall

For the size of your carport, Phil is right: only one 2by ledger. Not double, not triple. 1 Bolt per stud. Stagger the bolts. For the joists use joist hangers, using galvanized nails.
Tip: if you stain or paint your lumber members, do so before you install them (it's easier and cleaner).

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