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Diaginol lumber on inner walls of old farm house

HELP ME PLEASE .... I am in the process of remodeling an early 1900 built family farm house. On the outside walls, but on the inside of the house, there are diagonal boards. I first thought this may be an 'pre-insulation' way to help keep the house warmer, but some told me it was an early form of bracing to help keep the house structurally sound. Any insight would be VERY much appreciated.

Re: Diaginol lumber on inner walls of old farm house

Thanks for the info...There is some 'old' terminte damage from about 15 years ago on this wood. I am wanting to re-sheet rock this room. Can I remove the diagonal walls without causing structure problems (because if I leave it up, the sheetrock will not be flush/level/even). If I do remove them, what is the best way to compensate for their removal structurally?


Re: Diaginol lumber on inner walls of old farm house

The diagonal boards are very structural but you don't need a whole wall of them. In your case, if you take all of them off one side of the wall, it may be OK if they have the same thing on the other side. If not, you can still take them off but you'll have to replace them with something to reinforce the wall.

An easy way is to strip the old ones off then snap two chalk lines diagonally from the bottom corner of the wall at one end up to the top plate if you can get there, to about 6 or 8feet down the wall. Make them far enough apart to lay a 1x6 between them. Then use a saw to cut a 3/4inch deep cut across all the studs (following the chalk lines). Then turn the saw on the face of the stud and cut out the piece between the two previous cuts.

What you're doing is making a slot for the 1x6 to lay in, across each stud. Now nail the 1x6 in the slot at each stud. That'll give you the diagonal bracing that you're removing. Now finish the wall with sheetrock and you're in business.

Good Luck.

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