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crown moulding

I will be installing crown moulding and painting in what will be the baby's nursery. I plan on painting the walls a pale yellow and the ceiling white. What color do I paint the moulding? Match the ceiling or walls? If I use an egshell or satin finish on the walls and a flat finish on the ceiling, what finish do I use on the moulding. The window trims will be painted in a gloss white.

A. Spruce
Re: crown moulding

I would paint the crown in semi-gloss or gloss and I would either match the ceiling color or go with a complimentary color of the wall, such as pastel pink. Match the color tint in the wall yellow and the crown colors, meaning pull from the same base tone.

Re: crown moulding

I normally treated crown molding in the same manner as the other woodwork in the room, both as to color and sheen.
You state you are using a pale yellow in the room. I would caution that you use a pure white on the woodwork and ceiling next to this yellow. Yellows tend to be pure, pastel colors. Any amount of tinting of the woodwork color with raw umber or lamp black will leave it looking extremely grey next to the pastel yellow. Many stock white enamels from manufacturers actually already have a little tint in them. The same is true of many "ceiling whites". Many ceiling whites are very grey and would look terrible next to your yellow. I would make the ceiling pure white or tint it with a hint of the yellow wall paint ( about 10%).

Re: crown moulding

I agree with Ordjen, I would paint the crown the same gloss white as the window trim. An as he says do not use "ceiling white" on the ceiling it will look muddy next to the white or the yellow. If it were me I would just go a shade lighter on the pale yellow for the ceiling.

Re: crown moulding

I know more than most about Crown but my motto has always been, "I can build whatever you like, but don't ask me what color to paint it".

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