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Cracking drywall after floor beam installation


We recently had three beams (one replacement and two new) installed in our crawl space to help support our sagging floor. The existing beam had cracked and there was significant sagging (around 3 inches in the center) of the floors in both the ground floor and second floor. As expected, after the beams were installed and the ground floor brought back to level, we saw cracking of the drywall in most rooms in the house.

How long should we wait for the house to stabilize before we address the cracking drywall?

Thanks for any advice.


Re: Cracking drywall after floor beam installation

Good question Nick,

As this is a fly by the seat of the pants situation, you'll be considering a few factors;

How stable is the foundation?
How much does your house sway in the breeze?
Do you hear creaking on very windy days?
Is the house temperature controlled in the summer?
What type of heating system do you have?
Do the door trims and baseboard seams open in the winter?

Generally a few months wait is a good idea to let the house settle to is new position. This takes time. I bought a rental house that had been leveled all except one beam. When we leveled the beam and returned to the first floor to look at the sag it was still there. I was very disappointed and walked away with my head hung low, wondering how I was going to fix the huge gap under the baseboard. Distracted by other work, when I returned to the scene of the crime, the gap had closed, the sky turned blue, and birds were chirping. Took about a month or two.

Re: Cracking drywall after floor beam installation

You should have butted the interior walls before you did the structural work and jacking; it would have made the jacking more effective and instantaneous. Now you have to wait until the stresses all work themselves out of the drywall. When will it stop moving? after all the stress is dissipated. You could set up monitoring stations at critical pints using little adhesive grid transparencies sold just for this purpose.

Myong Krois
Re: Cracking drywall after floor beam installation

Is the house temperature controlled in the summer?

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