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Cork flooring for a bathroom?

I need to replace or cover over some seriously ugly and poorly installed vinyl in my bathrooms. Am I crazy to consider cork?

If you have tried this, how did it go?

Any tips on what to do and what to avoid would be much appreciated!

Re: Cork flooring for a bathroom?

I've installed cork, but not in a bathroom. I've read it's fine for the bathroom, although maint instructions state to clean up puddles quickly. I hear it's resistant to mold and mildew and have read that it's a good choice for the bath, but again, no experience in the bath.

Cork is nice on the feet and is very warm..and quiet as well. I like it, but there are different qualities like everything else. I went online and got several samples shipped to me. Some real nice stuff out there.

Being a bath, and probably not too large (I assume), you probably don't have much to lose by trying it. It should be relatively inexpensive and it's easy to install.

Re: Cork flooring for a bathroom?

If you could at all, it would have to be solid glue-down tiles, not the engineered stuff.
The engineered stuff is okay for kitchens if you add two coats more of finish on-site, but I'd still not trust it for a wet area like the shower or tub entry.
Glued-down tiles will be sealed by the adhesive, then vanished on-site, and if the edges are carefully siliconed it should be fine. The material itself is waterproof, but the edges are where problems always start.

Re: Cork flooring for a bathroom?

Hi quizzical,

Cork is naturally resistant to rot, mildew and mold. It is also known to be warm and soft. Although bathrooms can be fairly wet, properly treated cork flooring in a bathroom can work well.

What is great about cork flooring is the fact that it is hard wearing and non slip flooring.

You must just remember to caulk the edges of the floor well, to make sure that no water can leak under the floor. Also remember to clean up standing water or puddles as soon as you see them, to prevent damage or warping.

Hope this information will help you.


Re: Cork flooring for a bathroom?

I agree, if you saturate it with waterresistant liquids it may turn into an ideal flooring for your bathroom!

Re: Cork flooring for a bathroom?

i disagree with it being a good choice for a bathroom floor, its properties prove it to be a very porous product which makes it act like a sponge, it can be sealed however it has to be maintained on a regular basis . and any time your dealing with water being involved daily your only looking for problems,

this is why tile has been used for so long and is still very much in demand

Re: Cork flooring for a bathroom?

Cork floors are as durable as most other floors. Remember that cork is soft, so it can be susceptible to dents and scratches. In the bathroom, this isn’t as much of an issue, but cork flooring in other areas may need to be cared for gently.

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